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Dooly, Melinda & O'Dowd, Robert. (Eds.) (2018). In This Together: Teachers’ Experiences with Transnational, Telecollaborative Language Learning Projects. New York/Bern: Peter Lang. Gold open access.

Dooly, Melinda & Vallejo, Claudia (Eds.) (2018). Special Issue: Bridging across languages and cultures in everyday lives: New roles for changing scenarios. Language & Intercultural Communication, 18(1).

Moore, Emilee & Dooly, Melinda (Eds.) (2017). Qualitative approaches to research on plurilingual education - Enfocaments qualitatius per a la recerca en educació plurilingüe - Enfoques cualitativos para la investigación en educación plurilingüe. Dublin: research-publishing.

Lewis, T., O'Rourke, B., & Dooly, M. (Eds.) (2016). Online Intercultural Exchange. Innovation in Language Learning and Teaching,  Special Issue 10 (1), 1-5.

Holmes, P., Dooly, M., & O'Regan, J. (2016). Intercultural dialogue: questions of research, theory and practice. Abingdon/New York: Routledge.

Ross, A., Dooly, M. & Hartsmar, N. (2012). Equalities and education in Europe: Explanations and excuses for inequality. Newcastle upon Tyne: Cambridge Scholars Publishing. Read preview online

Ross, A. & Dooly, M. (eds) (2010). What’s fair? Young Europeans’ constructions of equity, altruism and self-interest. Bellaterra: Servei de Publicacions UAB.

Dooly, M. (ed.) (2010). Their hopes, fears and reality: Working with children and youth for the future. Bern: Peter Lang. Buy book

Dooly, M. (2009). Doing diversity: Teachers’ construction of classroom reality. New York/Bern: Peter Lang. Buy paperback

Dooly, M. (ed.) (2008). Telecollaborative language learning. Moderating intercultural collaboration and language learning. A guidebook to moderating intercultural collaboration online. New York/ Bern: Peter Lang. (No longer in print)

Dooly, M., & D. Eastment (eds.) (2008). How we're going about it. Teachers’ voices on innovative approaches to teaching and learning languages. Newcastle upon Tyne. Cambridge Scholars Publishing. Buy book

Dooly, M., Foster, R. & Misiejuk, D. (2006) Developing a world view of citizenship education in Higher Education programmes. London: CiCe Publications/London Metropolitan University.

Dooly, M. (2006) Semantics and Pragmatics of English: Teaching English as a Foreign Language. Bellaterra: Servei de Publicacions (UAB). 

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