Telecollaboration in Education  

Edited by Melinda Dooly and Robert O'Dowd


The series' focus is on the pedagogical processes and outcomes of engaging learners in different geographical locations in virtual contact and collaboration together.

Dooly, Melinda & O'Dowd, Robert. (Eds.) (2018). In This Together: Teachers’ Experiences with Transnational, Telecollaborative Language Learning Projects. New York/Bern: Peter Lang. Gold open access.

Grümpel, C., & Cuadrado Rey, A. (2018). (Eds.) A plurilingual corpus on telecollaboration in third languages. Telecollaboration in Education, Vol. 5. Bern: Peter Lang.

Tcherepashenets, N. (ed.) (2015). Globalizing on-line: Telecollaboration, internationalization, and social justice. Telecollaboration in Education, Vol. 4. Bern/Wien: Peter Lang.

Dooly, M. & O'Dowd, R. (eds.) (2012). Researching online interaction and exchange in foreign language education. Telecollaboration in Education, Vol. 3. Bern/Wien: Peter Lang.

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