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Post-doctoral grant:

Dr. Denise Paola Holguin. (Co-supervised with Dr. Júlia Llompart). Margarita Salas financial grant, Spanish Ministry of Universities. 2022-2025.


Ola Bakri. (Co-supervised with Dr. Dolors Masats). Learner autonomy in online learning (provisional title). 2020-.


Nuria Davitova. (Co-supervised with Dr. Randall Sadler & Dr. Anna Czura). Building bridges: Exploring group roles in multimodal telecollaborative intercultural exchanges (a case study of a group of second and third year university students). 2019-. (temporary leave)

Klaudia Kruszynska. Linguistic landscaping for 21st century skills (provisional title). 2020-.

Maria Mont. (Co-supervised with Dr. Dolors Masats). Necessitats formatives digitals docents i docència virtual (provisional title). 2021-. (maternity leave)

Li Peichen. (Co-supervised with Dr. Helena Casas-Tost). Análisis del discurso en el aula de chino como lengua extranjera: estudio de caso sobre interacciones profesor-alumno durante la ejecución de actividades didácticas (provisional title). 2021-.

Yu Xiaoting. Building a Virtual Learning Community for Teacher Education by Observing and Assessing the "VALIANT" Project (provisional title). 2021-.

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